Chewing Gum Removal...

Chewing gum is an unsightly and increasingly growing problem. Guttervax can solve the problem by removing gum from all public places - we can cover anything from small areas to a large town centre.

Pavements, footpaths, block paving, car park, driveways - wherever chewing gum is a problem, we can remove it!

We use the latest equipment and clean the wole area, not just the spots of chewing gum, and finish off with our whirl away machine.

No chewing gum is left on the floor and no unsightly marks that show the chewing gum has been removed as the whole area is cleaned. With our machine blasting at 3500psi, we do not need to use chemicals either; just water pressure and a special ceramic tipped lance.

Give us a call now - 07967 836275

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